JR Smith has spent many years in the NBA and during that time, he has been able to play with a wide variety of players. For the most part, Smith has had a great relationship with his teammates, particularly those on the Los Angeles Lakers who he just won an NBA championship with. Despite this, there has been at least one player that he truly does not like, and during an interview with the "All Things Covered" podcast, Smith divulged who this player is.

During the clip below, Smith takes aim at Sam Dekker who was in the NBA for just four seasons, including a brief period with the Cleveland Cavaliers. As Smith explained, Dekker was attempting to promote Donald Trump on the team bus and seemed to have a derogatory opinion of those who are currently struggling to make ends meet. 

“He’s a person who’s very aware of somebody else’s circumstances and wanna keep him there as opposed to trying to help him elevate up, and I don’t respect anything about that," Smith said.

Smith didn't have to deal with Dekker for too long as the player eventually went to the Washington Wizards before going overseas to play in Turkey. Regardless, it's impressive Smith has gone this long in the NBA and only dislikes one player.

Sam Dekker

Rob Carr/Getty Images