Previously announcing that his new project would be a shorter length, it looks like Joyner Lucas has changed his mind, extending Evolution to include thirteen new songs. 

On his thirty-second birthday, Joyner Lucas announced his brand new project Evolution, which he said would be out in mid-September. That deadline ended up passing despite the rapper saying that everything was cleared, but maybe that was a good thing, as explained by the Massachusetts emcee.

"Entire project dropping this Friday," announced Joyner on Instagram. "Sorry for the delay but i wanted to make sure when The 'CLASSIC' conversation came up, evolution is part of the discussion. thank you for your patience."

Of course, it would be difficult to include an EP in that conversation so Joyner extended the project, sharing the tracklist today.

Evolution will mostly be a showcase of Joyner's own lyrical ability, going light on features. However, it looks like the artists he chose to complement him will pack a punch. Joyner will be working with Rick Ross, The Game, Ashanti, and other accomplished artists on his new project. 

In addition to the full-length being released at the end of this month, Joyner also announced that the music video for "Snitch" will be out tonight.

Are you excited for Joyner's new album to release?