New York rapper Joey Bada$$ is currently working on new music, teasing the arrival of a brand new album sometime soon but, right now, he's more focused on restoring his previous releases on streaming services.

This week, he started receiving messages from fans that they were unable to listen to his ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADASS album on Apple Music, which led him to address his supporters via Instagram Stories.

"If my music is blocked on your streaming channels plz screenshot and send to me," wrote Jozif Badmon. "Also let me know what country/city you're in. They will not censor my messages with no reprucussion." 

Joey Bada$$
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Multiple people reported errors as they tried to listen to songs like "AMERIKKKAN IDOL" and "LAND OF THE FREE." The album is more relevant now after the killing of George Floyd than ever before, so it's confusing why Apple Music would decide to axe it from their library. The 25-year-old addressed the topic on his Twitter account.

"WOKE UP TO MFS CENSORING MY MUSIC," he wrote, urging people to continue sending him screenshots so that he could build a case with the streaming services.

Hopefully, this issue gets resolved soon. Have you been having problems playing ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADASS by Joey Bada$$ this week?