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Technically Speaking,I can say my "Music Career",(I guess you can call it that),Started In Grade 6,At Cassie Hall Elementary School, when i started taking music lessons for the Baritone. & after that i kinda just branched off into other instruments & genres of music. I played the baritone,tuba,trumpet,guitar,& Bass guitar,I don't play the air instruments anymore,but every once in awhile ill pick up a guitar & throw some chords together.But for Hip-hop,I didn't start that till late in Grade 11, I've always had a thing for it, no doubt, but i didn't know i was gonna be a hip-hop artist. The one reason i try'd rapping was because, my english teacher was reading some of my poetry, & i don't know why,but he decided to show it to the school music teacher at N.E.S.S,after that. I can remember the music teacher asking if i was a rapper, I kinda laughed & giggled at it, & then answered "No", he then told me,"maybe you should give it a try,your poetry would make for some good music"(not in those exact words,but something along those lines).So I did,poetry wasn't something new to me, it's something i did to get threw problems, by myself since grade 8. So I just attached some rhymes,threw my lyrics on a beat,& Went from there.


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