Heat Guard Jimmy Butler is sending basketball hoops to his teammates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jimmy Butler, NBA, CoronavirusMaddie Meyer / Getty Images

With reports that many players around the NBA have been unable to stay in basketball shape during quarantine, Butler is ensuring that isn't the case for his teammates.

“Two days ago I received a big box, I opened it and it was a basketball hoop from Jimmy,” Goran Dragic said Sunday on Instagram Live. “My first hoop [that I have] is for kids. So basically, it was not a real hoop for me. Yesterday [Saturday] I was putting together all these pieces and finally I made it. I already shot some shots to take advantage of that. Jimmy, thank you brother. I appreciate it.”

The league has still not set a return date for the 2019-20 season. Reports have surfaced that trainers expect players will need at least 30 days of practice before the playoffs could begin.

Friday, Commissioner Adam Silver gave his latest update on the future of the season, saying he's “not ready to set a date of how long we can wait before we can no longer continue the season. Everything is on the table, including potentially delaying the start of next season. We are not in position to make any decisions [about the status of this season] and it’s unclear when we will be. We still don’t have enough information to make a decision.”