Jhene Aiko seems to have got closer to Drake since they've toured together for Drizzy's "Would You Like A Tour?", although not as close as recent rumors might suggest (Jhene recently confirmed she is NOT pregnant with Drake's baby).

In a new interview with Rap-Up, the talented singer speaks on her forthcoming album, Souled Out, and how she thinks of Drake as her "musical soulmate."

"I think that he is probably like my musical soulmate," Jhene confessed during the interview, before going on to say she would like to do a joint project with the Toronto native. "Wow. I said it. Musical, though. I just feel like our voices complement each other, our writing styles, all of that. So, I would love to do like a full project with him. I think that it would be really dope."

Ms. Aiko continued to discuss the upcoming album, which she says is slated for a summer release, but no date has been set. The singer talks about how Souled Out has turned out to have very little features compared to her Sail Out EP.

"I did the album and it just shaped up to be all me," she revealed. "With the EP, I left room for features just ‘cause I wanted it to be that type of project. But for the album, I just didn’t leave room for anybody ‘cause I have a lot to say. I just wrote the songs from top to bottom. But, if someone hears a song and feel like they can contribute and it makes sense, then I’ll definitely make room if they can do it before the summer."

Check out the full interview below. Who would be down for a Jhene x Drake collaborative effort?

[via HHDX]