Jetpack Jones Songs

  • Alright
    Jetpack Jones calls himself "The Chillest Rapper Alive". He's the leader of the Jetpack movement, described as a "collective of individuals all striving to be the best version of themselves possible, not a second rate version of someone else." That's a decent introduction--indeed, he's positive, laid-back, and original--but Jetpack Jones also spits bars that command attention.
  • Reasons
    Peacelife, the collective led by Mann is constantly introducing us to new talent. On their most recent release, "Reasons", after close affiliate Jetpack Jones spits some bars, we meet the "first lady" of the group, LanaaMak, who enters about halfway through, and nearly steals the show, flexing an effortless delivery and undeniable skill on the mic.
  • Wonderland
    Jetpack Jones & Sir Jameson team up with producer Handbook for the first installment of the newly-formed #NDGaudio series. Notoriously Deviant Generation, Jetpack and company's lifestyle movement, intends for the series to showcase artists and producers that they have worked with frequently in the past, as well as new inductees as they expand their network. "Wonderland" sets the series off right. Be on the lookout for a follow-up release this Sunday.
    After a seven-week absence, Jetpack Jones returns to our front pages today with "BREAD." Released just in time for Black Friday, this Brock Berrigan-produced promo single tackles the consumer's illusion of freedom in capitalist America. As Jetpack puts it: "we aren't hustling for love because Benjamin can't buy that." In a genre not unfamiliar with lyrics about material wealth, this is a fresh perspective. Give the record a listen and let us know if you're feeling it.
  • Ganja Man
    Ganja Man
    You may recognize the beat on Jetpack Jones' new track from Le$ and Cookin' Soul's ACE mixtape. The rapper was inspired by the beat of highlight "The Cleaners", and decided to re-envision it as what he calls a "day in the life of your friendly neighborhood weed dealer".
  • Something Good
    Something Good
    Tone Oliver returns to our pages with the second single to his upcoming PeaceLife Project: Love Is Back Vol. 1 tape. Featuring reader-favorite Jetpack Jones, "Something Good" is the perfect supplement for your International Peace Day (which is today, by the way). A video for the collab has already been produced and should be hitting the web tomorrow. Is "Something Good" an apt-description of this new single? Let us know what you think in the comment section.  Quotable Lyrics:
  • Another Day In Paradise
    Another Day In Paradise
    Jetpack Jones is back with a brand new album and, if the ratings are any indication, HNHH readers are loving what they hear. Praised for its laid-back sound and tonally appropriate lyricism, 380 SL successfully sends the Jetpack Movement to new heights. "Another Day In Paradise," the tape's opener, embodies everything the fans seem to love about the project's soundscape.
  • Both
    A few weeks ago, Jetpack Jones let "Right Now" go as the first single from him and Don Diestro's upcoming project 380 SL, and now they've returned with a second and final single before the tape drops on September 16th. "Both" is a song they describe as "a money making anthem."
  • 80 Degrees
    80 Degrees
    PeaceLife's Tone Oliver has taken inspiration from his new location of Oakland, California, and the summer he's spent in it, recording an EP that reflects the positive vibes he's retained since the relocation. "80 Degrees" is a taste of the upcoming project, and the breezy, sample-driven track instantly incites feelings of summers past.
  • 11:59
    Everyone has found themselves counting down the minutes at some point. Sometimes it'll happen at school or at work; sometimes it'll even happen at home. Today's feature from Jetpack Jones & Clyde Shankle focuses in on that last minute--those final 60 seconds before freedom. Produced by Brock Berrigan, this smooth new freebie finds our two collaborators spitting short reflective verses about their come-ups.
  • Right Now
    Right Now
    Jetpack Jones is back with the first single off of his upcoming 380 SL project hosted by DJ SWU. Featuring Mann and produced by Jetpack Movement producer Don Diestro, the throwback feel of the record falls directly in line with the expectations that the emcee set out for when he first described the project back in May:  "My grandfather had a 380 SL when I was a kid, and it's something I'll always remember him by. The sound of the project is inspired by the type of music that was out when the 380 SL was popular."
  • Demo Grafix
    Demo Grafix
    Jetpack Jones is back with another hot track for your summer playlist. Featuring a sample of the infamous Gil Scott-Heron, the single finds the emcee venting about his daily struggles. "I very rarely express emotion anymore outside of music," said Jetpack of the record on his official Twitter account. "And sometimes it takes a toll. When I feel some type of way I just record it and hope someone relates. That's my way of letting you in. So I need you to listen."
  • The Revolution
    The Revolution
    For the latest track in Cliff Savage's weekly #SavageSunday series, the Long Beach rapper has teamed up with Jetpack Jones and producer Don Diestro for "Revolution," a keyboard-led call to arms against the modern trappings of the digital age. 
  • Jacqueline Broyer
    Jacqueline Broyer
    Jetpack Jones starts off his Friday by recording new music and releasing it to the fans moments later. Literally, he recorded this ten minutes ago and sent it over. The short but sweet cut has production from a UK producer by the name of Handbook, and contains a intro from the movie "Boomerang," which is also where the song's title gets its inspiration from. Jacqueline Broyer was Robin Givens' character in the film.
  • Secret Stuff
    Secret Stuff
    Jetpack Jones and Don Diestro are readying their joint tape 380 SL for its release later this year, and today they've shared a new collaboration. "Secret Stuff" is a smooth, "Space Jam"-sampling track. Listen and download below.
  • Maxxin
    On 4/20, Jetpack Jones and Brock Berrigan shared their joint mixtape, Shades Of Mary. Now, the pair have unveiled a B-side from the project, "Maxxin," that also features Robby Ra$hu.
  • Oh, Woah
    Oh, Woah
    Got a night cap for you, folks. "Oh, Woah" is the latest offering from Lakewood, California mainstay Jetpack Jones, featuring PeaceLife representative Tone Oliver with production from Apocalyps. It doesn't get much chiller than this.  The production is as blissed-out as the lyricism here, with Jones and Oliver reflecting on respectably hedonistic escapades with the women in their lives over a slow jam of an instrumental. 
  • Under The Radar
    Under The Radar
    "Under The Radar" is another choice cut from Jetpack Jones and New York City producer Brock Berrigan's new collaborative album Shades Of Mary, which you can now stream and/or download in our mixtape section. Light one and enjoy it.
  • Roll
    Stream and / or download "Roll", a choice selection from Jetpack Jones and New York producer Brock Berrigan's new collaborative project Shades Of Mary, which is now available in our mixtap
  • Hippies On The Lawn
    Hippies On The Lawn
    It's that time of day again, folks - on the West Coast, at least. "Hippies On The Lawn" is the latest peace offering from West L.A. representative MANN, featuring Lakewood, California's Jetpack Jones over production from Dari The Spazzz. It's an ode to individuality, weed and women; can't go wrong, really.