Dub Dubois - Tinted Windows by Dub Dope the poet Feat. @Dub_Dopamine [New Song]

Dub Dubois

Tinted Windows by Dub Dope the poet

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DopeSickLove Coming Soon.

Dub Dope the poet, born Jerron Donnel Walsh on May 30, 1991 in Malvern, Ar, is an American Hip-Hop artist. Although sports was his first love, his interested slowly shifted to music when he moved to College Park, Ga in the summer of 2000. Here, he teamed up with Alex Lockhart, also known as Almane Lo, creating and performing music on a regular basis. However, the poet's four year stay in Atlanta, Ga was mostly spent on the Eastside of Atlanta in the suburbs of Ellenwood, Ga. In school, he voiced his love for music by distributing his demos to his classmates. In 2004, he befriended producer, Brian Moore. Together, they created a hit single entitled 'Alright'. The hype would be short lived though, as the poet packed up and moved to Evans, Ga. In Columbia County, also known as Cash County, the poet was able to work on several projects. Many of the first projects were solo, the most notable being 'Da Shine', which he sold copies and performed regularly at shows at his school; Greenbrier High. After misunderstandings and unneccessary beef, he joined forces with Khrys Dent, also known as K-H, forming a lyrical hip-hop group called 'GA Inspiration'. The chemistry between the two was phenomenal; songs such as 'The Remedy', 'Get Ya Sets Up', and 'Hit The Exit' became very popular at Greenbrier and on the Internet. Naturally, the two split up in search of solo progression, but remained good friends and supporters of one another. At this point in his career, the poet hit a crossroad. He felt that it was time to elevate his music far beyond the the expectations of others. No longer was he content making 'catchy' rap songs; he desired to make 'real' music. The poet expanded his thinking and began listening to a wide array of music; he listened to various genres and musicians in hopes of finding inspiration. As a result, he gained an undying love for all music, and a knowledge of music that he would not have acquired otherwise. He continued to be studious in the art of songwriting and storytelling as he began his journey with the BranchBoyz in 2007. "The biggest challenge to being in a group of three," he said," is that you have to learn to blend in and make music together, rather than outshining your teammates." The BranchBoyz came together nicely; group members Jediah Smith, also known as Smoove, and Salonick Amos, also known as ThreeSix, brought a a great bit of creativity to the table to be combined with the lyrical cohesiveness of the poet. Hits such as 'Give It To You', 'Text Me', 'Nympho'; and more recently, 'Dorm Room Boom', 'Next To You', and 'Go Ham' are in high demand amongst their college audiences. The 'team' continues to progress and have no plans of splitting, as they see industry deals in the near future. As a college student at the University of Kentucky, the poet has decided to start regulating business at an early age. The launch of his Record Label, Dope Incorporated took place in mid-2011, beginning with artist Young J.U.I.C.E. The label expects to see much success; the first project is Good Weather, Badd B*tches, or #GWBB, which is currently in the works (expected to be released in 2012). Other recent and upcoming projects include 'DOPESICKLOVE', which is a solo mixtape project, and 'ALL NIGHT' the BranchBoyz' debut album.


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