The Snowman is back. Jeezy's last album, November's Church in These Streets, was a turn in the politically-minded direction for the veteran rapper. Perhaps his latest single, "Magic City Monday," featuring Future and 2 Chainz, should've signaled a return to the hard-hitting trap anthems he's best known for. Jeezy has now announced that his next project will be the third installment of his beloved "Trap or Die" series. Though both of the previous Trap or Die projects were mixtapes, Jeezy maintains that Trap or Die 3 will be an album. The original Trap or Die, Jeezy's second official tape, came out in early 2005, and the sequel, Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary, dropped in 2010.

The Trap or Die 3 announcement comes via a new trailer, set in Miami and soundtracked by new music (which stands in stark opposition to the South Beach glitz that Jeezy is enjoying these days). "You already know how I came in this game, hard as a motherfucker," Jeezy tells the camera, flanked by a group of affiliates, all dressed in snow-white, "And that's how I'm goin' out, n*gga. Trap or Die 3, n*gga. Trust me." That declaration would seem to suggest that Jeezy is nearing retirement. Indeed, it would be fitting if he went out by putting his stamp on the thriving genre that he helped create over a decade ago. 

Jeezy has also unveiled two separate merch collections, "The Classics" and "The Snowman," in support of his upcoming album. Shop both collections here, and stay tuned for a Trap or Die 3 release date.