Cam Newton is quickly solidifying himself as a household name with his engaging antics and high profile friends, as well as his stellar play on the football field.

Now we have a look at how that on-field picture of Jeezy and Future came about. Apparently Under Armour enlisted Jeezy to create a song for and about the Carolina Panthers quarterback. “The song is called ‘Hit Um’,” explained Jeezy. “It’s gotta be true to him, and embody hard work, because it’s Cam.” It will probably also involve Newton’s favorite celebratory dance move, dabbing.

The Super Bowl 50 match up between Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos takes place this Sunday, February 7. No doubt Under Armour and Jeezy will release the full track and video before that date. Maybe Cam Newton will even get a verse in.

Listen to a snippet of the song below.