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Stream Jean Grae's "iSweaterGawd"
Stream Jean Grae's "iSweaterGawd" Jun 28, 2015 at 05:36pm
Veteran of the underground Jean Grae releases iSweaterGawd, the first of TWO EPs she plans on dropping today. The second EP is called Saix.
Jean Grae Releases New "#5" EP
Jean Grae Releases New "#5" EP Nov 2, 2014 at 10:15pm
Jean Grae shows off her R&B side on #5, the first of two releases that she intends to drop this month. Available now on BandCamp, the project comes with a short introduction from the project's creator: "This is #5. I felt like doing something else. So I did. I really enjoy song crafting. The producing, the recording, the writing, the mixing, the everything. It's short, but grown. Love ya." Grae has described the music as being "body rollable." Stream the project below and let us know if you get that same vibe, just keep in mind:
Stream Jean Grae's New EP "jeannie"
Stream Jean Grae's New EP "jeannie" Jan 15, 2014 at 11:40am
We haven't heard from Jean Grae in a minute, but today she's returned with a new EP titled jeannie. There's a stream of the extended play below, which can also be purched via her Bandcamp. She's also shared a few words about the project, "A 6 song EP that’s a little softer, a lot more personal and no one gets murdered. There will be a lyric book for you. Maybe some hidden things. Okay. There’s a hidden song. You can find out when you will get it in this package. Just look. It’s in there." Listen below and let us know your thoughts.