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According to the people and those who research and believe to know good music, believes Jbezo aka Remedfeyyyyyyy is one of Hip-Hop Creole superlative Artist, MC, Rapper, Singer, Song-writer ect . Over the years jbezo provided all kinds of music. Music that touches everyone regardless if you from the streets, going through something or not, love music period . In his childhood his friend called him boy, but in high school they called him Jb-bone because he rapped fast like bone-thugs-N- harmony. They took the first two letters from his last name called him Jb. When Jb took over the streets, they started calling him Jbezo because of his ability to hustle. His names still manage to evolve with his American friends giving him the name International Bezo. Benson ,Stainly Jean-Baptiste was born june 30 , 1981 in Haiti in the last city in the south called Tiburon. Raise catholic by his mother's side of the family, la famille Flerime and Duvinston. He was known for playing tanbou in church every other Sunday. With the help of his fellow classmates and street friends Jbezo created a small jazz band and was the lead singer. Where he sang and played the drums at the same time. In 1996 Jbezo came to America where he attended Elizabeth High School. As the news circulated through the school, other artists found out about him and introduced themselves. One of his good friends, Huberson, taught him how to rap and a month later was shot and killed. They never got a chance to work on a song. Jbezo continued working on music with his friend Pantha and General, and formed a group called Xplosif. They worked on songs like " men poukisa w ale", " who wanna fuck with xplosif" and "zam fe gagot" produced by boujimix Jerome but never got a chance to come out. Jbezo still didn't give up hope and in 2001 they replaced General and added LP. They created "C-blast" and went on tour from Chicago to New Jersey and even performing at Tele Citronel for Miss Haiti. They had two hits " nou pa vini poun goumen" and "this one girl". The group faced too many differences and split up. Jbezo went solo in 2007, when he met with Melvin aka Kilah mixx providing him most of his beats and Kevin, Quest , and Paul tuner added the rest . They started working on his first solo project called "Li te le l te tan" including three bonus song from previous group C-blast which came out on CD, iTtunes, CD baby and locally spread throught out towns all over. Due to his immigration status Jbezo couldn't travel to Haiti to promote the album and could only stay in America. Jbezo traveled through New Jersey, New York City, Boston and Florida wherever Hip-Hop Creole mentioned . As of right now Jbezo 2nd project "Avis de recherche" is done ready to come out produced by Kevin Pierre aka Acedasolo. Jbezo's own a pre-production company Live- N- Learn Productions.  for the 2013 jbezo aka Remedfeyyyyyyy is focus on his third album “ te anme /si’m te konnen toujou deye ; first single called B.I.G se konsa m fe'l produced by jaymeking from the beats factory ; 2nd Acceptance m'te ka sesi m'te ka cela produced by kilah mix from kreatez production. Love you all ………ymll….tmj…..amcpl…..LL ..


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