Earlier this month, it was reported that Jas Prince, the son of Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince, and the man who introduced Drake to Lil Wayne, was demanding that Cash Money Records pay him $11 million in royalties earned off the "Hotline Bling" star. According to The Jasmine Brand, Prince has now settled with the label for an undisclosed amount. 

In 2007, Prince signed Drake to Aspire Music Group, partly owned by Lil Wayne's manager, Cortez Bryant. Soon after, Cash Money apparently agreed to pay Prince 22% of whatever money Cash Money earned off Drake in advances and net profits. In court a few weeks ago, Prince claimed that said percentage amounts to $11 million. 

Cash Money affirmed that the money was owed to Aspire (Bryant) and not to Prince directly. In a separate case, Prince is suing Bryant for not collecting Drake's royalties and not paying him those he did collect. Considering Lil Wayne's own legal battles, it would seem strange if Birdman and Bryant were working together to keep money from Prince, but the intermingling business interests down in New Orleans are surely more complicated than we can imagine.

Prince now seems to be a part of OVO, and he is frequently pictured alongside Drake, who must be content in helping his longtime friend get some extra pocket money. It's wise of Drake to stay on the sidelines during these cases in which millions of his profits are being disputed, but one has to think that the seemingly endless legal proceedings aren't reassuring him about staying on board at Cash Money.