Jarett Lopez

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The Artist: I'm a hip hop artist, music aficionado, film connoisseur, soccer/rugby player, avid outdoorsman, chef and food dilettante, pleasure enthusiast, anti-religious activist, realist, delicious fountain of information and the definition of a good time. The Muzik: Hip-hop music, used to be where an artist could express themselves and partake in friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) competition. Unfortunately now hip hop has become a popularity contest. New artists seem to only care about celebrity status and record sales. The saying "Money rules everything around me" is clearly being perpetuated in hip hop today. Lyricism has become almost obsolete, creating a new wave of dance-instructing rappers. Not to say their music isn't music. Simply that it isn't hip hop and to call themselves rappers or hip hop artists, is shameful. With that in mind, check me out! A Canadian Hip Hop Artist / Singer with such varied influences like: Immortal Technique Rage Against The Machine Re-Up Wax and several others. For awhile I did a lot of remixes and contests to show my lyrical ability, but as of late I'm progressing into the music I set out to make when I started rapping. I'm about thought provoking, question raising, entertaining music. Some say intelligent music isn't entertaining, but I beg to differ. BUT, not to say I don't like to have fun, I've got a shitload of joke tracks and lyrical massacres with no real meaning, just punchline after punchline to show my worth as an MC. So if you're to lazy to actually listen here's a few quotes by me, because I LOVE to quote myself. "I'm sick enough to make a doctor shout / I'll put ya eyes on ya tongue so you can watch ya mouth" "They say lifes a bitch, but I think she's a slut / Cuz I FML right in the butt" "I swear we're robots like that rockem-sockem game / no body's spittin fire, just wacka flacka flames" "I love music, I have to do this / I'll leave your boss stunned like Massachusetts / J Lopez, I'm the baddest upstate / I'm THE SHIT, put that in your status update" It's a mix of creative producers, emotion, wordplay and my love for music that makes my music what it is. When asked "what is your music like?" I answer the same way...so to quote myself once again... "My music sounds better than a good idea / I put it down better, why should I fear" Finally, I hope to make entertaining and enlightening music. Encouraging deprived hip hop listeners today to think bigger...to quote my self... "I'm what's outside of the box" PEACE / LOVE / MUZIK -Jarett Lopez


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