It appears the six year relationship between Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx has ended according to multiple reports.

Yesterday, rumors were circulating online that Foxx might have been cheating on Katie after photos emerged showing the actor holding hands in Los Angeles this weekend with a much-younger singer Sela Vave, but that’s not the case. PageSix reports that Katie ended the relationship months earlier.

A source at La Esquina overheard the actress, who was having dinner with girlfriends at the Kenmore Street restaurant, tell a friend, “What Jamie does is his business — we haven’t been together for months.” Another source of Katie’s confirmed the two split back in May.

As for why the split? A source from In Touch Weekly says that the long distance hurt it. “Katie and Jamie’s relationship has been long-distance. He’s been living in L.A. full time, and she’s been in New York. It’s been way on and off for years, and Katie’s always had a hard time with it.”

“For months he’s been promising to calm his wild ways, but nothing’s changed, and she’s finally come to the conclusion that she wants to be with a guy who’s more mature and ready to settle down,” the insider added. “She also can’t keep an eye on him when he’s in L.A. and is fed up with doing the whole long-distance thing, so she gave him an ultimatum — either move to New York or it’s over!” And apparently Jamie wasn’t ready to make that move.