Complex reports indicate the upcoming release of a new film starring James Franco amongst other notable celebrities, entitled Zeroville. The movie, which has previously been compared to Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood due to similarities between Franco's character and that of Brad Pitt's, is an adaptation from a novel released back in 2007. The movie actually was filmed a few years ago in 2014, but financial issues blocked its release. Luckily, the distribution company myCinema was able to grab the rights to the movie and are now releasing it in theatres at last.

The movie consists of the story of Vikar, played by James Franco, who is an odd character with noticeable tattoos of Elizabeth Taylor on his body. Vikar attempts to break into Hollywood's film industry in the late '60s at a time where folks like Dennis Hopper and Francis Ford Coppola were taking over the scene with their own individual projects which later revolutionized the world of cinema. Indeed, the competition is tough, but with the help of friends such as a budding actress played by Megan Fox, Franco's character hopes to achieve his goal. The upcoming film is quite starstudded with the involvement of Will Ferrell, Craig Robinson, Seth Rogen, Jacki Weaver and more. It is expected to hit theatres on September 20th.