Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are gearing up to fight each other next month as they will be in Tampa Bay, Florida on December 18th for what will be Paul's toughest test yet. Fury is a real boxer and while he hasn't beaten the best competition, he is still considered to be a better fighter than Jake, who had his fair share of struggles against Tyron Woodley back in August.

Leading up to the fight, Fury's father John has been very vocal against Paul, and even accused him of refusing a drug test for PEDs. Today, Tyson, Tommy, and John Fury all got together for a pre-fight press conference, that also featured Jake, albeit through facetime.

Tommy Fury

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Instead of taking it seriously, Jake opted to go shirtless as he conducted the press conference while in his pool. John Fury felt incredibly disrespected by the whole thing and urged Paul to take off his glasses so that he could showcase his fear. It was a pretty wild sight, especially as Fury tried to intimidate Paul by walking closer to the screen. 

Paul went on to say that he is treating the run-up to the fight like a vacation as he has already been training nonstop for the match. Jake is confident that he is going to take out the younger Fury brother, although, at this point, boxing fans aren't so sure if that's really going to be the case.

You can check out the antics from the press conference below, courtesy of TMZ.