Jaeo Weston

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BRONX NYBiography:"Like no other and that's real to a brotha" Born and raised in the Bronx-the birthplace of Hip Hop. JaeO proudly continues the original rap legacy. So there is no question, he is taking the New York underground rap scene to another level. With multiple crowd pleasing wins, he is a regular at the infamous Secret Open Mic at Karma Lounge hosted by Chocolate Thai,Radio Run at Brown Sugar Lounge,Rockwells Cafe Open Mic,Soulful Lounge Showcase,Chyna Club,Jaeo will also be performing at Cream Nite Lounge in Greenville,SC on June 25th.Jaeo has also did live radio interviews at Brooklyn College,on DWI Radio w/Da Inphamus Amadeuz hosted by Mad Mike & Big O. Jaeo is becoming widely known for his rock the mic anthems including: Get your weight up, They don't wanna, Top of the Map, Gotta get paid (Collabo w/D Po), & Problem with me(collabo w/Tryfe),What u See.Jaeo just released his first offical video "What U See"Found on YouTube. Jaeo is on a mission to make timeless music. BMC's Jaeo Weston reps the rawness of hip hop while including heartfelt lyrics that touch the soul. Think early Tupac--that I'm sensitive but don't get it twisted, I am from the hood vibe! He spits about making it big, living the good life but slips in lyrics that causes a person to think, where am I going. An unrepentant lover of the ladies, he infuses his songs with the realness of relationships--the good, the bad and the freaky. He is also the rare black man unafraid of talking about love, saying I love you and I need you. No stranger toadversity, Jaeo admits his mother didn't know how to be a mom, neglecting him and his other siblings. His birth father went MIA. So he was raised by street hustlers and a man he calls Daddy-O. "He was the only one who tried to teach me the right way and make me somebody" Jaeo tried the college life, but felt it was not for him, he did not feel as if he belonged there. Trying to come up financially using his street knowledge, he was convicted of a felony for "nickel and dime petty crimes". Lesson Learned--he will never go back. That's not for him either. Like many African American men, Jaeo's life has not always been easy yet he is unbroken & thriving. He is an original. He doesn't like to be compared to others. He has his own style His sincerity, lyrical word play and versatility will have you nodding your head before you know it. The rap world almost missed out on his lyrical fire. He has always written lyrics/poems secretly. He confesses he would hide his notebook when his friends came over. If it wasn't for his college friend Belowso, he would probably still be hiding his talent and aimlessly searching for his purpose. "He found my notebook, read it and was so enthusiastic, he called my Daddy-O and was like..did you know your son could rap. His lyrics are nice. My Daddy-O was supportive. That was the beginning for me" Thank you Daddy-O & Belowso for being all in the business because we need this heat.Jaeo's determined to get his voice heard by the masses. Jaeo is currently working on his album Chase A Dream that will include tracks such as What U See,Never Give Up,You Did That,I Adore U,We on,just to name a few. (read less)


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