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Upcoming rapper jay was born on the 25th of december 1992 in southern sudan, here his parents Lucy murulu and Taban Tereka gave him the name Emmanuel Jiribi Juma Taban. As Jay was growing up, the first letter of his middles names were joined together making J.J. however the name somehow evolved to be jayjay instead of j.j when Jay was 3 years of age, his brother patrick taban was born and by the time he was 5 his mother gave birth to a third boy named moses taban. 5 years later God blessed the family with a baby girl called Faith Yangi Taban, born on the 5th of november 2001. Despite encountering many fighting scenarios in his motherland, Jay had to leave African during 2003 with his mother and siblings to come to a land of plentiful with plenty of opportunities and a better life style. At the age of 9, Jay began listening to a different sort of music which ranged from early hip hops/rnb/rap to modern rap/ hip hop/rnb which stared million dollar making, bonethug and harmony, tupac, Eminem, Dr. Dre, lil wayne, jarule, 50cent, G-unit etc. Music has always played a major role in Jay's life. as years went by, Jay and Music went everywhere together. He would print out lots of papers full of lyrics and carefully display them in clear files. He would practice and practice rapper's lyrics everyday. By the time Jay had hit the age of 13, he began listening/studying various of song techniques. Mind you, by now Jay had developed an amaizing english speaking capabilty and was now able to speak fluently, Fluent enough to think he was born here. It took Jay 3 good years to study music's rhythm, rhyming, Flow and many more techniques before picking up a pen to right his first ever freestyle during February 2008. Till this day, Jay is still writing and recording songs. However the process of music studies has not yet stop, he continues to learn new things everyday. Lil Wayne has always been the person who he looks up to, admiring he's unique punchline, flows, rhymes and ability to talk but still sound like his rapping. Lil wayne is somewhat a "Hero" Through Jay's Vision.


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