The music and poetry of 2Pac Shakur have touched millions around the world. But the deepest impact is reserved for his friends, including Jada Pinkett Smith. It's no secret that Pinkett Smith had a complex relationship with the legendary rapper, and while it never quite dipped into romantic territory, it remained a passionate dynamic nonetheless. Despite the occasional philosophical difference, Pinkett Smith and Pac felt like kindred spirits in many ways, and to this day she remains vocal about their friendship. So much so that she might have changed her own unwritten rules, had he been alive today.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Speaking with Metro UK, Jada Pinkett opened up about a missed opportunity: hosting 2Pac on her wildly popular Red Table Talk series. As she tells it, Pac would have been so enamored with the concept, he might have forced his way onto the series as a co-host of sorts. "If Pac was still alive, we would probably talk about everything. He would probably live on that show. I know him. He would be like, “Yo, we gotta talk about this, this week, did you see what happened? We gotta go to Sweden, did you see A$AP [Rocky]? They got him all locked up, we got to go”.’

"I’d probably have to do a Red Table Talk specifically for ‘Pac," she continues. ‘I’d probably do a male version of Red Table Talk with ‘Pac. I would have done that with him because he would have just been so great for something like that. So maybe we would do the Red Table and the Blue Table for him." Though the opportunity is gone, the idea of seeing Pac thrive in the "talk show" market is surreal, yet oddly appropriate. One has to wonder how the landscape might have changed, had his life been spared that fateful night.