Earlier J. Cole had hinted that a late January release date for his album was "far-fetched" and "ambitious", basically giving a soft delay. Now Cole World has confirmed that Born Sinner will not be released on the slated release date. 

The rapper was on hand at Tao in Las Vegas to host a New Year's Eve party, and on the red carpet was interviewed and asked about his second studio album.  When the subject of the release date came up Cole simply said, "Nah, it's not gonna be January 28th, it's gonna be a little later than that.  I needed a little more time."  

This does not come as a surprise to fans who have heard him hint earlier that a delay was imminent, but it's disparaging nonetheless.  He was then asked what he thinks will surprise fans the most about this project and he said he could not choose, "I don't know if it's gonna be the production, if it's gonna be the stories, hopefully they love everything about it." 

In a previous interview J. Colenoted work on promotion, and most notably a short film, as the reason behind the delay, "there are certain things I wanna do promotion-wise, like we're shooting a short film, there's certain branding opportunities I wanna do with this, that I didn't get to do on the last one."