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[LyNC ]- Like Yesterdays Never Coming. The one and only word that can describe the way I live my life. Hello World My Name is Lync El Captain of the High Fashion Gents, and 1 half of the duo Metaforce. LyNC is West Coast Hip Hop MC From Southern California’s Inland Empire area, but don’t let that fool, any beat or any cipher will be mutilated, destroyed, and littered with a menagerie of slick lingo he can work in with club/dance scene but really touch the souls of his Hip Hop Head Followers. LyNC started giving music ago around 2007, not really thinking to take it serious or anything of that nature, but over time grew to love the art of music everything having to do with it. One thing that will immediately grab your attention of this young fellow is also his unique one of a kind look. A giant Afro, multi-dimensional fashion, and some pretty cool body Modification (i.e. tattoos and piercings). The one thing LyNC says is one of the things he holds most to him is his ability to be an individual and the love he gets from his family and his close Home boys. When asked what sets his style apart from others He simply replied, “ I make my music for me and my people, that could be anyone from my family, friends, to my fans. I don’t ever have to worry about fitting with what’s hot because I was born to stand out!” With one mix tape under the belt with the “ Metaforce Click” and another on the way, this young gunner doesn’t have any plans of letting off the gas soon. When asked what he plans to accomplish with music his only response was, “I just want to make good music to touch the hearts, minds and body’s of anyone with ears, or an appreciation for music.” If you guys want to get into contact with LyNC or hear some oh his stuff heres how


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