Kenny Beats has consistently been a source of enjoyable music-related content, whether it be through his The Cave series or his post-quarantine beat competitions, oftentimes alongside one of his many hip-hop buddies. The most recent beat battle took place on his Twitch feed, featuring an appearance by guest judge Isaiah Rashard, one of rap's most elusive characters. Together, they cycled through the ten finalists, as voted by the people -- but as the idiom goes, the best is almost always saved for last. Of course, "best" is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes beholders can be downright mischievous bastards. 

FilmMagic/FilmMagic/Getty Images

By the time the final beat came around, Kenny and Isaiah had already engaged in plenty of banter. It had quickly been established that the samples Kenny provided weren't entirely easy mode, and many of the instrumentals struggled to impress as a result. Upon hitting play for the tenth and final beat (34 minutes), it quickly became evident that this one was special. As three sloppily sequenced piano keys segued into the chosen vocal sample, all hell proceeded to break loose.

The hysterical reaction from Kenny and Isaiah speaks volumes -- with both men clearly at their wits' end, they're barely able to make it through the first six seconds.  At one point, the arrangement proceeds to make Rashad physically uncomfortable; Kenny, meanwhile, can only stare dumbfounded at what he's hearing. All the while, the Twitch chat runs rampant with unrestrained antics. Eventually, Kenny concedes defeat -- "I might give this the W," he declares. "Is this the W?" Before long, he's hitting the replay button. Check it out for yourself, but do so at your own risk. You might not want this one to get into your head.