With Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore album on everyone’s radar, it’s no surprise that every little detail that gets revealed is a big deal. On Monday we found out that he has a bunch of records with Dr. Dre, and that there wont be too many features on the album either. Today rumors are now circulating that Kendrick’s first single will be dropping next week, Tuesday!

Last week, video production company, WatchLOUD, was at a private dinner with IGA (Interscope Geffen A&M) and Clear Channel when they posted a tweet revealing that Kendrick’s first song will be titled “I Love Myself”, and should be dropping soon. However, they have since deleted the tweet and not too many caught it (see below).

Now fast forward to today, and another tweet has surfaced online that reveals the release date (9/23) and that very same title for Kendrick’s next single, along with Gwen Stefani’s “Baby Don’t Lie” and Fergie’s “L.A.LOVE (La La)”. According to Kurt Trowbridge, the announcement was posted on the IGA website earlier on Tuesday, but was quickly taken down after he spoiled the news with his tweet.

HHNM has since confirmed with sources that the real title of the song is actually “I”, and NOT “I Love Myself”.

True or not? Time will only tell, but the album is slated to drop before the year’s end, and time is quickly nearing so its very possible.

Check out the tweets below, and keep your fingers crossed.

[Via HHNM]

[UPDATE: TDE CEO Responds]

All these Kendrick Lamar rumors have elicited a response from the Top Dawg himself, Anthony Tiffith, also known as the TDE CEO. He didn't confirm if there would be a new single arriving in seven days time, but just know, the music is coming. He also confirmed Jay Rock has new music, whether it is with Kendrick Lamar or a separate entity all together remains to be seen.

Check out his tweet below.