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The band was originally formed in 1996, with four members, Sanford Egan (drums), Kent Konorowski (bass), Chuck Bouvier (vocals), and Dale Wakefield (guitar). Chuck was quickly kicked out of the band as a lead singer, and Dale took over vocals, only for the band to break up, because of Sanford leaving for a band called, “Drunk On Methanol.” Chuck proceeded to buy a garbage thunder drum set from Drunk on Methanol’s guitarist, and took the throne as the new drummer… They went on to do various local shows, with band such as Position Impossible, The Mark Inside, Out of Hand, Sum 41, and more… After three years of jamming and shows, the band broke up, over a five piece of bud… Chuck left the band yet again, and Sanford who was now band-less, had stepped back up to the plate as the drummer again… The band did numerous shows with this lineup, as well as multiple recordings. The last show the band did with Sanford as a drummer, he stole Kent’s bass amp at the end of the show, for his new band he had started behind InterCoarse’s back, called Ten Fold, which has since kicked him out… The band got it’s next two drummers from cold calls… First Rob Freer, who had never done shows, and after doing two shows called it quits, but remained a great friend. The next drummer was named Matt Smith (Smitty). who was an incredibly talented blind drummer, who’s reputation proceeded him… They recored some songs together,and did yet another round of shows, then lost yet another drummer…


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