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What's Good? Welcome to the Infamous MA new official page I am a rapper/writer/producer from southeastern Mass. I was born and raised in Taunton, MA but at 14 when the death of my mom occurred I started moving around other cities. The first place I moved was to California where I resided in the Bay area and met alot of local artists and was inspired to pursue writing when I came back home. I spent the whole summer of 2000 in Cali and came home with the new nickname Massy! That's where my alter ego Miss Massy is derived from. When I became serious about rapping at the age of 15 and considered a record deal when I looked into it I discovered how hard it would be to get a deal and exspecially make money. Not everyone comes out like 50cent with a mill out the deal! That's when I decided to create my own independent record lable and Flatline Productions Studios was established in 2002. In high school I'd rap for friends, rap at dances, I even rapped for a science teacher before for extra credit! When I was 16 I recorded my first single 'Feel Me Now' at TrackAddicts Studios in Newport, RI produced by Rob 'Spliftout' Dorado who is a CA resident and now resides there. That was the only single I've ever sold only music I've ever made money off and I actually made a nice few stacks. At school I got 2-3 $ for students 5$ from teachers! Funny they were bumping that because the lyrics we're a lil out of control. In that same year 2002 is when I decided I needed a new persona and actually one of my high school friends named me 'Infamous Mami' I dropped the mi and shortened it to MA to make InfamousMA! Short for Marquee, the abbreviation for MASS, and I'm living on the tradition of my MA which is what my while family calls my grandmother. And Growing up a Mobb Deep fan InfamousMA had its own personal meaning to me! (THANKS FIGGZ) I came to the conclusion I wanted to be able to give my music awau free and just spread my word through the underground. I needed a cheap solution so I began recording with a mic and a laptop and when I turned 18 I finished my first album The Definition. From 16-19 I performed my songs all over Mass (from Taunton, to Bridgewater, Foxboro and Raynham to name a few) when Local Known Djay Rome gave me the oppurtunity to get on stage and grab a mic! I can't say it was easy getting on stage and I wasnt getting the same feedback I did performing at schools because they were such diferent scenes. So I took alot of constructive criticism and tips and just never gave up! Over the years I've upgraded my equipment and continued to produce and write all my own music.Since then in 2007 I began working on the Massive Movement Mixtape Collection. Which consists of a 5 Album Series I just dropped the last installment to that on Christmas 2011 'MassQuerade' which completed the series! Over 100 songs I leaked on the net you can find the whole series @ in the Mixtape series tab. After writing/producing/perfroming over 10 years and having enough people encourage me to continue my work I'm determined to make Flatline Productions Studios a household name! Females don't get the recognition they should get in the game just something we have to deal with in every work environment anyway. I have stayed true to those who have showed me the same respect and stayed true to me! I was blessed to be surrounded by an established network of people and have some guidance through this game. Def a big thanks to Bianca Claudio aka Miss Sosaductive for putting me on, Blob of GoHard Studios, Jaelle Haze of HitHouse, (Free)BigPunch of Drama Family and all the other local artists, friends, and exspecially family that has supported me over these years. I haven't really had the chance to work with all the artists I've wanted I've just been a process of years in the making and I am now ready to start working with other local and mainstream artists/producers! Look out for my new album 'The DilemMA' coming soon! And stay tuned because I'm not going away! -MA


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