My name is inZan3m im just a dude thats trying to make his dream come true but not just mine but my family as well it started with my mom and she had a shot but she let that oppertunity go Now in return for all that my mom has done for me and for our family i wanna give her what she deserves happiness. Ive always been able to do music its been in my blood everysince the beats in my heart started now i cant stop ive been hurt rediculed beatin and been thru alot but thru all that i was always able to write about it. Thru all the pain i use it to write i use to be suicidal cause ive been thru everything but then i realize that isnt the way thats the coward way now i just put all my blood and soul and words thru my lyrics. If u met me in person ud think im the happist guy but really im not im really just a quiet guy whose well as i said beeen thru lots. I might be quiet but i hae a lot to say and for everone to relate to. The reason why i name myself inZan3m is because well people called me crazy idk y but yeh and thats how inZane came. Then i thot about the number which is the number of complete and the Capital Z means i use to be zero but now im 3 im complete now. And the M is the wings that help me soar thru my music and i put it all together and got inZan3m. The mask is a lot of things it has many meanings behnd. The colors are black and white the white side has my symbol and lyrics that i made that i carry within me and the mask and it also is the light side of me meaning all the lyrics from my head of pure, love, and truth. The black side is all my pain and hate and al my struggles which is my dark side of music which is use to write about pain, breakup, and scary music but like i always say to face our deepest fears we must make it our closest friend. And also it shows that just because something is ugly it doesn't me something beautiful cn come out of it. And for those who dont know yet or if u noticed yes i change my voice alot its somethin i do with my voice ive done it ever since i was 3 make my voice deep high and all other voices now im just pro at it so now i use my voice impressions in my msic as well to add my own style into it thats just how i always and wil remain to be. The music i do is hip hop, rock, elecronic, expementals, and my most favorite horrorcore. My lyrics are both dark and light I write about things that people can relate to, write about stories, and also write scary music just to give you a special thrill. Im just y own thing id like too say cause like i always say y be normal id rather be paranormal. For i speak the truth ,the evil, and forever the inner good for when all is combine we shall rise from being misunderstood. For i am inZan3m the guide thru ur pain all u have to do is take my hand and i shall be the shoulder to dry away ur inner rain.


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