!llmind Songs

  • Cover of !llmind - Picasso Baby (Remix)  Feat. Jay-Z & Biggie
    Maybe Magna Carta...Holy Grail didn't end up being your favorite Jay-Z album. That's okay, but "Picasso Baby" was a fun throwback to a slightly older time, with a flow firmly established in the groove of yesteryear. 
  • Cover of !llmind - Narcotic Nautilus
    Producer !llmind recently had a venting session about producers not receiving credit for their work and others stealing their records, something which we reported on here.
  • Cover of !llmind - Snake Charmer
    !llmind is working on a instrumental mixtape #BoomTrap which will be available for download on January 7th. Today he's leaked a synthesizer and 808-driven beat with a middle eastern feel, "Snake Charmer" Feeling it? Check back for the 8-track beat tape tomorrow.
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