Iggy Azalea is always a hot topic these days, and her appearance at the Billboard Awards was no exception. A photo of the rapper on the red carpet quickly made the rounds on Twitter, with users suggesting that Iggy had altered her face-- most noticeably her nose and chin.

Several other pictures proved that it was more than just a weird angle, and the gossip columns have subsequently gone digging, citing sources that Azalea has had a nose augmentation and a chin implant.

Azalea was very open about her breast enhancement a couple months back, so we assume if this is true, she'll be up front about it. The rapper Instagrammed a photo of herself from the event, captioning the pic, "Loving my new look," which could be a confirmation that she's had some work done. Or, it's yet another conspiracy theory cooked up by the internet.

Check out her post below.