Since she first stepped into the Rap scene, Iggy Azalea has faced criticism. She's been accused of having a "blaccent," exploiting Black culture, and even "blackfishing" by tanning her skin to look darker. The Rap-Pop star faced judgment once again following the release of her latest single "I Am the Strip Club," a song that arrived with a music video that featured the House of Balmain.

Soon, Iggy was hit with "blackfishing" claims, and one of her fans sent her a message asking for the rapper to clear up the "fake narratives." Iggy responded that she didn't care about the comments, tweeting "f*ck those ppl babe lol."

Iggy's use of the words "those people" caused controversy and people began firing off tweets, demanding that she explain what she meant as they insinuated she was being racially insensitive. Her fans were quick to stand in the gap and defended Iggy against naysayers and Azalea jumped into the conversation to lay the controversy to rest. 

"Exactly, the internet stay trying to read into sh*t that's really not that deep," Iggy responded. "Those people is anyone that has a problem with the fact that I wore a black wig and performed in a dimly lit room but have nothing to say about the same makeup in other scenes... not hard to understand [shrug emoji]."

Another Twitter user send Iggy encouraging words, telling her to "stay strong" through the backlash. "I know by now if I drop a video or song someone online will try and make it have a hidden meaning or find a way to make there be an issue," Azalea replied. "That’s just how the internet is! I’m 10 years deep in it, you cannot shake me."

Check out the tweets below.