Chris Hutch

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Rarely, in the world of rap or popular music, does a revolutionary artist come along who can be considered "The Total Package". Chris Hutch is a quadruple threat as a Rapper/Producer/Writer/Engineer with a phenomenal ear for all music. The 24-year-old South Central native has been on his grind since a very young age, rapping and producing his own music since the age of 16. Born and bred in the Crenshaw District of South Central Los Angeles, Chris Hutch has music in his blood. He made a name for himself locally selling over 4,000 copies of his independent first project "Los Angeles Times" in 2006. His legwork proved to pay off in 2007 when he got his first Major Production credit on Grammy winning R&B/Soul artist Angle Stone's latest offer "The Art of Love and War". In the untapped Crenshaw District of L.A. Chris Hutch is one of the Premier Voices on the forefront of this new movement. However, rather than limiting himself to one specific genre of music, Chris Hutch keeps his options open; boldly stating "I do it all". Chris Hutch has maintained a constant work ethic and has made numerous guest appearances and drops on local, collage and internet radio (Power 106. 93.5 KDAY. 106 KMEL) and venues across the West Coast. On the verge of emerging to mainstream notoriety, Hutch displays the hunger of a young prodigy with much to prove. He continues to grow and push forward with his own company Kingzmen, however with the proper positioning, Chris Hutch would be a very valuable asset to any major label. Chris Hutch's first full offer will be entitled "Black Market Music". His single "Fresher" is spreading to clubs and radio ail over the nation. Striking listeners with his quick-witted wordplay and impressive delivery, he can easily be called one of the most talented new rappers in the game in years. His future project entitled "The Top Prospect" will be released early 2011. While producing, writing, arranging, engineering, and mixing his own music Chris Hutch continues to make progress as he learns to maneuver in this ever-changing industry. Some of his influences include Jay-Z, Kanye West, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Dr. Dre, Nas, Kurupt, and Outkast. "I'm ready to do something fresh for my region that has never been seen before", Hutch says. "I feel like I represent my city in a way nobody else has." With more eyes on the West Coast scene now than anytime in the recent past, Chris Hutch has the potential to be one of the leaders of a new generation. Chris Hutch focuses on making universal music and using the best elements of hip hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Classical, and other inspirations. With the strong belief that a song should have a definite topic and direction, he brings the main thing that is lacking in today's urban music market: Diversity. "There are more sides to hip hop than what is being currently portrayed in the mainstream" says Hutch. View Chris Hutch as more than just a producer. As an artist in the up-and-coming underground West Coast scene, and as CEO of his own label Kingzmen, Chris Hutch understands the struggle from the inside out.


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