Ice Burgandy Mixtapes

  • Cover of Ice Burgandy - Rythym N Burgandy
    Bump Rythym N Burgandy, a new offering from Ice Burgandy, which was released on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012. Ice Burgandy's rap artistry continues to improve with every release, something which is most definitely evidenced on Rythym N Burgandy.
  • Cover of Ice Burgandy - Burberry Burgandy
    Give Burberry Burgandy a spin - it's the latest tape from Ice Burgandy, having dropped on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012. Ice Burgandy's musical situation is improving with every new release, and Burberry Burgandy will most definitely help the cause.
  • Cover of Ice Burgandy - Progress Involves Risk Unfortunately (Hosted by The Trapaholics)
    These artists are featured on the mixtape: Sean Mack, Skrapp Or Die, Wooh Da Kid, P Smurf, Waka Flocka, J Mike, D-Bo, YC, YG Hootie, Lil Beezie, 211, French Montana, Tiny Beef, Rosemo700. These producers soundtracked the mixtape: Purps, Lex Luger, Glen Galliano, Southside. Can you dig it?
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