Charles Conceptz

Charles Conceptz was born as Todd Charles Franklin II on June 3, 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. Todd is a Rapper, Actor, Producer, Graphic Designer, and DJ. As a child, Todd was a playful and energetic child who loved music. At the age of 11, Todd started constructing instrumentals on his laptop he received for his birthday. He continued to produce beats until he reached the age of 14 and started rapping. Todd soon to found out that rapping was his long lost passion. Todd and his other rapping friends got together and made a rap collective known as ETPLGC (Explosive Thoughts Past Lives Gator Clique). Together, The trio has built themselves a huge fanbase, internet buzz, and much more. Right before Todd turned 15, he started graphic designing. He made mixtape and album covers for himself and the two other artist in the rap collective. He also received many jobs to design logos, album covers, and other pictures for many companies and artists. His mother and father are in strong support of his future career. His father stated "He has always loved music, and I think he has a bright future in it. His wordplay is outstanding and the message he sends with rapping is phenomonal." Todd is still doing all of his occupations to this day, but will always put his love for rapping first.


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