Hunter Beard

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Hunter Beard is a nice guy. But don’t mistake him for a saint. At first look you would never know the hardships he’s faced and had to overcome. And that’s the way he would have it. Growing up in Little Rock Arkansas, Hunter lost years of his life to bad decisions and what he calls trying to “fit in” with his surroundings. Only after accepting his uncanny ability to “stand out” was he able to find purpose and change his life through music. The following is just the beginning of a very real success story. Hunter began recording his first album “Scars” in December, 2006, upon his release from prison. Countless magazine articles and covers followed hailing his talent. In his first music review, Free Press writer Rachel Thompson wrote, “Imagine a fusion of the intelligence and realness of hip-hop with the proclaimed flashiness of rap. Hunter Beard is a lyrical mastermind who has a style that is refreshingly unique.” Within only two months after Hunter’s release, his first single, “Want It With Us,” was introduced to the radio by Power 92 Jams on their segment “Pump It Or Dump It”— receiving 100 percent votes to “Pump It” from station fans. This led to the song’s placement in rotation at Power 92 Jams and Hot 96.5, as well as stations in Oklahoma, Alabama and Louisiana (all Clearchannel Networks) reaching a total of 200 BDS spins in addition to “drops” and live radio interviews. Hunter has performed in front of thousands of people alongside several major acts such as Paul Wall, Brooke Hogan, Nappy Roots and Trap Starz Click. He has been featured on countless mixtapes, and his single, “Get Hypnotized,” is featured on The Music Hustle 3 album along with artists Lil Wayne, Too Short, and Ying Yang Twins. His second song was recently introduced to the radio making him the only hip-hop artist out of Arkansas to have had two songs on the radio. When not traveling for shows, Hunter resides in Hermosa Beach CA (Los Angeles area)—performing on the Sunset Strip, working on his second album and charming Hollywood with his southern accent, love of life and Antourage-esque lifestyle. Hunter Beard is shopping for a major recording contract and has the talent, style, and marketability to be a worldwide platinum selling artist. He has the complete support of Little Rock’s radio and club DJ’s and is loved and well known by both the south and west coast alike. It is safe to say he has come quite a long way since his humble beginnings, but that is to be expected from an artist who regards himself as a workaholic. As Thompson has proclaimed in the Free Press, “Hunter Beard is one of the most promising unsigned artists in the hip-hop scene and has the talent and potential to be the best thing that hip-hop has ever known.”


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