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About Huey Briss

The following is to be read aloud in a stately British accent.

For those unfamiliar, Huey Briss is a professional gentleman of leisure and emcee who hails from Grace Park, Long Beach, California. Fellow Californian artists Pyramid Vritra, Seafood Sam, Hance and XR are his closest associates, musical and otherwise.

Briss is currently working on his debut, all-original project, titled Ash Lightly, and has a hand in the burgeoning T-Rex Global clothing line. On March 13th 2014, he performed at TSIS' VIBES showcase at SXSW 2014, alongside Young Thug, Chevy Woods, Deniro Farrar, Denzel Curry, Tiron & Ayomari, Ty Dolla $ign and more. 

Stay tuned for updates on Huey's career - he's just getting started in this thing we call the rap game. (For more information, hit up and peep the young lord's Instagram.)

Merry Brissmas, y'all.

Facts Only

  • Huey Briss has no heroes and no idols.
  • Nate Dogg is one of his greatest inspirations, musical and otherwise.
  • His favorite films are Belly, The Lion King and The Wash.
  • He loves nothing more than performing his music live.
  • He was formerly known as LB, short for "Long Beach".
  • His moniker is derived from the Greek word "hubris", which means pride.
  • Huey has a passion for Greek mythology.
  • Huey Briss don't miss.


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