The DMV's Nisey Kamai is making her mark in the entertainment industry. The 22-year old model has starred in her share of high profile music videos including clips from Fabolous and Wale. The sexy vixen stopped by HNHH studios for both an exclusive shoot and interview.

Nisey let us in on her love for hip hop, her hidden musical talents, her best physical assets, and more. Read the full interview below, and check out the photos from the shoot in the gallery above!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into modelling?
I'm 22 years old and my birthday is November 19th, #teamscorpio. I'm originally from the DMV, but these days I reside between PA and NYC. You may have seen me in Wale's "Love Hate Thing" or Fabolous' "When I Feel Like It." I started in this business through a friend of a friend. I networked the majority of the time, so I gained phenomenal contacts that always kept me in mind for opportunities. My first gig was promotional modeling for an Underground Rap League event; I gained multiple contacts through the event, which opened doors for my career.

Are you a hip hop fan? Who's your favorite rapper currently?
I love music, especially hip hop. My favorite rapper at the moment is Drake, because I can always relate to his music. Almost every song he touches is always a hit. He's a talented individual and I give credit when it is due. Plus he's a sexy Scorpio.. mmm...

Would you ever date a rapper/ which rapper would you date if you could?
I wouldn't date within this industry unless I thought he truly could be 'the one'.  In this business, it could get messy and create issues depending on the individuals. I always suggest dating outside of the business rather than damaging your image. There's a few artist I find attractive, but I can't take any of them seriously. You just have to keep your guard up and expect game in this industry. I prefer dating "normal" guys that work hard (smiles).

What's the worst pick up line someone's ever used on you?
"Were you born in June, cause baby you're HOT!?!"

What's the sexiest thing a man could tell you?
The sexiest thing a man could tell me is the truth and acknowledge how hardworking I am, yet still want to give me the world. It's sexy for a man to know you could do it for yourself, but still want to spoil you just because!

What is your best physical asset?
It's a three way between my eyes, boobs and ass. I receive a lot of compliments on my brown eyes even in low light environments. My boobs and ass.. well.. (pause and giggles) are clearly just visible! I personally love my boobs, because of my unique areolas (smirks).

Any hidden talents?
I can sing somewhat, but I'm shy.. I usually do better with my eyes closed or without an audience (bursts out laughing).

What's next for you, any projects coming up?
Right now, I'm hosting parties and familiarizing others with who I am. In the near future, I have magazine covers and spreads in international magazines coming up. My spread in "Show Magazine #26" releases in December of this year. I'm currently seeking professional training to pursue my acting career. I would like to take my talent to television and depending on the opportunity, reality television may become an option. I recently recorded a viral video for Jack Thriller, which will also be available in the near future. The key is to become a brand, so you all will be seeing A LOT more of me!

Where can people find you online?
I have exclusive photoshoots on and if you search my name on their sites. There's quite a few interviews and photos floating on Google.

Instagram @NiseyKamai and Twitter @NiseyKamai are my personal favorites that I use every day. is my fan page, which includes easy access to media content. My official website is and for bookings or inquiries hit up

Main Gallery Photos by: Facet Studio and Jose Guerra