Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into modelling?  
Modeling has always been a passion of mine. I started modeling and taking professional pictures when I was in high school. But I've always loved being in front of the camera since the age of 5.

Are you a hip hop fan? Who's your favorite current rapper? 
I am a hip hop fan. I would say my favorite rapper is still Notorious B.I.G. I recently saw a documentary on his life and it was really interesting. I learned a lot about who he was and his inspirations. I loved the fact that he wanted to capture the attention of both male and female audiences. 

How do you "Turn Up"?
I always "turn up", from the moment I walk into a place to the moment we leave. As soon as I hear the music I can't stop dancing. 

Are you single? 
I am currently single. Just trying to focus on my career and enjoy all opportunities that are presented to me.

Would you ever date a rapper/ which rapper would you date if you could?
I would probably date Tupac just because of his flow. The way he rapped, the messages he tried to get across and his physical appearance (Lol).

What's the worst pick up line someone's ever used on you?
"Hey baby I forgot your Instagram" (meanwhile, the dude has a Blackberry in his hand) 

What's the sexiest thing a man could tell you?
I like it when a guy allows me to take control. For instance when they ask me "whose is it?" .. Lol

What is your best physical asset?
My smile

What's next for you, any projects coming up?
As far as projects, I've been doing a lot of photoshoots and have been casted in music videos as well. Photographers have been contacting me to shoot with them so I'm in the process of looking into their portfolios. I also have my website that should be launching in a couple of weeks. One project that I am most excited about is customizing shirts with my photo on them. 

Where can people find you online?
Instagram: @dancermorel
Twitter: @dancermorel
Facebook: dancermorel