Hottie Vs Hottie: Seahawks Vs Broncos (Super Bowl XLVIII Cheerleaders Edition)

This Sunday, the Denver Broncos & Seattle Seahawks face off at Super Bowl XLVIII cheered on by a whole bunch of hotties! Check out photos of each cheer squad and vote on who you think wins in the 'hotness' category.

Regardless of who you think will triumph in Super Bowl XLVIII, let's take a moment to see which team wins for having the hottest cheerleaders.  It's not always easy to judge when we're taking into account two collective groups, so take some time to peruse the galleries above in order to make an informed decision.

Is this a close call?  Or does one team take home the hardware in a landslide?

We figure everything under the sun gets turned into a wager come Super Bowl weekend, so "why not"?

Have a good weekend and may the best team win!


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