R&B will always hold a special place in our hearts. If not for R&B, that first crush, love, kiss, or more might be that much less special. The fact is, today's R&B is a bit different than our parent's R&B.  Nowadays, Hip-Hop culture permeates R&B records, and the music is generally more raw, rugged, and edgy-- however, it is still important to all of our lives and ears.

Many of the artists and projects on the list fit the crossover space that's Hip-Hop stylistically, even if the records are presented in ballad or slow jam form. Despite critics debating if there is still any "true" R&B being produced, given the synthesis of Hip-Hop & R&B especially (but also the fusion of R&B with Pop, Dance, Electronic, and Soul music), today's R&B is still serving a vital purpose in the global music ecosystem.  When we are gathered around the Holiday table for Christmas Dinner or whatever you find yourself celebrating, it's the R&B that more often gets played for the entire family, and when we are in are most intimate moments it's easy to wish we could sing like Trigga, Breezy, flow like D'Angelo, or swag it out like Prince. Even the best rappers wish they could sing like their favorite R&B heroes at one time or another.

Congrats to the Top R&B albums of 2014.  A few more babies were born to these albums, a few more parties that much more poppin', and our year that much better for the following projects.  Also, much consideration to Kehlani's Cloud 19, which failed to make the Top 10, but deserve recognition nonetheless.