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  • Cover of Watch "This Is Hot 97" Episode 3
    The reality TV show documenting all that goes down in the offices and daily work day of HOT 97 continued last night with the third episode. The latest episode of VH1's "This Is Hot 97" finds the crew having to do some sensitivity training after there are some sexual harrassment complaints reaching the HR department.
  • Cover of Love & HOT97 (Part 2)
    Part 2 of the cast of ThisIsHot97's spoof of their fellow VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop (watch Part 1 here). Here's their official disclaimer, in case y'all missed it last week:
  • Cover of Love & HOT97 (Part 1)
    "What the people really wanted." This is Part 1 of the cast of ThisIsHot97's spoof of their fellow VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop. Here's their disclaimer:
  • Cover of Watch Episode 2 Of "This Is Hot 97"
    The reality TV show centered around the daily work days of the Hot 97 staff in NYC kicked off the other week. If you missed the premiere episode, catch up on it here. Now episode two is available to stream via VH1.
  • Cover of Watch The Season Premiere Of "This Is Hot 97"
    VH1 continue to expand their stock of reality T.V. shows, now enlisting popular New York radio station Hot 97 to take part in one of their very own: "This Is Hot 97." The TV show documents the real life going-ons of the station, whether that be meetings, interviewing artists, etc.
  • Cover of HOT 97 "Road To Summer Jam: Episode 3" Video
    Check out Episode 3 "We Have the Biggest Hip Hop Party on the Planet" as Ebro and Donyshia’s debate over the artist announcement gets tense, Chris Brown drops the bomb on Twitter, and DJ Enuff worries he’s promised too much to one listener.
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