Top Comments of the Week returns. This past week the focus was definitely on Future, NAV and Valentine's Day-- all of which is reflected below. The round-up of comments includes a PARTYNEXTDOOR advocate who just wants some Snapchat friends, a super cringe-worthy joke about our boy NAV, as well as stan-worthy comment (also about NAV), and more.

Take a look below, check back with us next Friday for a new batch.

Meek Mill Affirms He's Single During Star-Studded Show

User: Pnd durag goat Aka simulation theory

While we've seen some anti-PND trolls in our day, this dude is 100% pro-PND and has been doing the most on the site. Right below a bonus comment from this same user, from another article-- what's more hilarious than the unnecessary overuse of emojis is Young Thugs Teeth claiming "FACTS!" as a reply. I can barely figure out what dude is saying let alone confirm it as #facts.

40 Drake "So Far Gone" Lyrics To Text Your Ex On Valentine's Day

User: Ballinlike im A.I

I didn't realize people actually do text Drake lyrics to women. I thought it was just a hilarious hypothetical.

Nav - Some Way Feat. The Weeknd

User: Views from the Sex

Cringe. "Holy fuck delete," but at the same time, lmao. So bad, it's good.

The Weeknd & Selena Gomez Spotted Making Out On A Yacht Before Grammys

User: SayItAintTom

Angus strikes again. 

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Were Acting Like A Couple At The Pre-Grammy Gala

User: Uncle Drew with the shits

[Insert many peach emojis cause I have no opinion on the matter]

Cash Me Ousside Girl Threatens To Go "HollyHood" On Champion Sportswear

User: Hnhh Bully!! Bout that action!'

Just Lol. It seems obvious that Hnhh Bully!! was talking figuratively, but it's hilarious that WuTangRaisedMe gave him a very literal answer.

Drake Says He’s Bringing OVO Fest To London This Summer

User: pattymillsMVP

Where does one even 'hear' these kind of things? 

Nav Announces Release Date For Self-Titled Debut Mixtape

User: Jimmy Blaze🔥🔥🔥😑👌

A bit premature.

Stream Future's New Self-Titled Album

User: Backpack Rapper

You know it's serious when you have to fake bathroom breaks just to hear half of a song.