Have you ever been listening to a hip-hop album from top to bottom and realized that every word, every beat and every cadence is an almost perfect representation of the city you're from? Have you ever taken a step back and noticed how much an album "sounds" like a very distinct place? That is the power of hip-hop albums; they serve as city soundtracks.

No matter where you're from across the globe, there is undoubtedly a rap album that you feel represents where you're city. This could simply be because the album's artist is from that particular city, but in most cases it's deeper than that. When each snare, each chorus, each punchline has the ability to paint a picture of that city like no other piece of work could, you know you've found that particular city's soundtrack. Even Dr. Dre's refers to his latest release Compton as a soundtrack rather than an album for that reason exactly; it is meant to "sound" like the storied streets of Compton, California.

With that said, we decided to look at nine major cities across the world and determine which hip-hop album serves as its very own metropolitan soundtrack. If we didn't include your city, let us know in the comments below what album best represents your turf.