HNHH: Heatseekers

1John Lane(Third Degree)

John Lane(Third Degree)

2Jay Wirth

Jay Wirth



4Rasean Douja

Rasean Douja

Why we like John Lane:

John Lane's sincerity comes through in a big way in his music, most evidently in his self-titled introductory track, which landed him here this week. The song finds John getting introspective over some understated, jazz-based production. His honesty, in tandem with his skill makes him a new rapper to check for.

Artist Bio: 

John Lane(19 Yrs Old) is a young MC hailing from Santa Clara CA, introducing his midwest roots to the west coast. His sound is compared to few and trumps many. Young and humble he grinds day by day fighting to help restore hip hop's culture and morality. Needless to say "The Prince" has a bright future ahead of him.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers, "John Lane":

 Also, check out John Lane's latest mixtape, "G.O.O.D. Vibes".

Why we like Jay Wirth:

Jay Wirth works best over minimal beats, allowing him to showcase his loud personality and multi-syllabic lyricism. His use of assonance is very tightly orgainzed into his rhyme schemes, meticulously placing vowel sounds throughout his rhymes to create extremely technical verses. If you're into lyrics-first hip hop, he's definitely someone to look out for.

Artist Bio: 

My name is Jay Wirth, and I'm a seventeen year old Hip Hop Artist. I've been doing this for three years now and have acquired a substantial fanbase throughout Pennsylvania and the North East. Now that you know the basics, I'll let my music fill you in on the rest. Download, and enjoy. (

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers, "Taurus":

Also, check out Jay Wirth's latest mixtape, "Spiral Staircase" EP: 

Why we like AMISQUAD:

AMISQUAD are both progressively minded and acutely dedicated to the origins hip-hop, priding themselves on the blending of the new and old schools of rap. Keep an eye on them.

 Artist Bio:  

AMISQUAD are a dedicated and hardworking rap group from West Orange, New Jersery. They're attempting to bring real hip-hop back by mixing the old school with the new. Members include Anthem (producer/emcee), Lingo (emcee)and Murdoc (emcee) began rapping in high school, and formed AIMSQUAD in 2010. Anthem has both an old school and new school approach when producing and rapping. Lingo is an emcee with a lot of energy known for his freestyle skills. Murdoc (aka The Evil One) isconsidered "every rapper's worst nightmare". 

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers - "Do You" 

And check another track - "The Real Me"

Why We Like Rasean Douja:

Rasean Douja bares his soul on the mic, portraying his life experiences in great depth. Inspired by some of the best to ever do it, both his rhymes and delivery are on point, and he has a strong ear for classic production as well. Don't sleep. 

Artist Bio:

The lyrical talents of Johnathan RaSean Hawkins (aka Rasean Douja) are a direct result and reflection of his life experiences growing up on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. As a child, his imagination would often lead him far away from his apartment building, and most of his early years were spent moving from place to place until his family finally settled in north-eastern Denver, a middle-to-low class environment known as Montbello. By the fifth grade, his innocence began to fade as he became exposed to the negative characteristics of the community: gangs, homicides, drugs and racism. Despite the negativity, Douja found light in hip-hop, and by middle school, his mind was set on being one of the greatest rappers of all time. Years went by as he worked on perfecting his rhymes, struggling to discover who he actually was. It wasn't until he first heard "What They Do" by The Roots that he decided to stay true and make music that reflected who he really was. Since graduating high school, Douja has put most of his energy into a musical career, while also attending college on the side, studying theology and philosophy. Every week, he and his group Burb-N-Hitez perform all over the city with dreams of achieving their lifelong goals.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers - "Tears Of Joy 

And check out his new video for "Guess I'm Used To It" as well:



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