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1Pedro Bizz Juanjulio

Pedro Bizz Juanjulio





4Ice Kidd

Ice Kidd

Why we like Pedro Bizz:


Pedro is able to ride the beat in a way that only a truly technical rapper can. His sense of rhythm and timing gives his flows an effortless quality, easily switching between double time and a very natural southern bounce flow. Paired with the strong production he's taking on, Pedro is definitely someone to look out for.


Artist Bio: 


Bizzy aka Pedro Bizz Juanjulio straight from the Topeka,KS. Pedro is known for his clever word play and ability to spit with the best of them. With two mixtape projects under his belt "WTF Iz A Hater" and "Game Time", he is gearing up to release his EP "Count Me In".


Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers, "Superwoman" -



Also, check out Pedro's latest mixtape, "FBS Presents: Game Time The Movement" :


Why we like Kid Cali:


Kid Cali's strength comes in his storytelling. The NC rapper excels over understated production, where his colorful narratives can take center stage. He's also able to compliment these lyrical portraits with a keen sense of melody when he wants to.


Artist Bio: 


My name is Jr Lewis known as "KidCali". I live in Raleigh, NC and started taking music seriously at the beginning of 2013. I began music when I was 14, just freestyling over beats and having fun, as I kept going people would tell me to keep spitting so I did. I've tried joining other groups and working with other people but for reason something would happen, things fall through, or just did to feel right, so started my own camp. "MDMG" (Million Dollar Movement Group) & "TT" (The Team). People I grew up throughout school and life join me on this road of music. I hope you like what you hear and support! Dick Hodgin is my enigeer and mentor. for more music. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube - IAmKidCaliMDMG 5 Thank you.


Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers, "Move Around" -



Also, check out a video from Kid Cali, "Fall":


Why We Like Drew:


Virginia emcee Drew is one of the more impressive Heatseekers we've heard in a minute. His lyrics are on-point, his flow is developed and confident, and he has an excellent ear for beats. Don't sleep.


Artist Bio: 


Drew is an up-and-coming emcee with talent and lyrical delivery beyond his years. Born in Washington, DC and later residing in Alexandria, Virginia, Drew has been writing lyrics and poetry since the age of 9, perfecting his craft to create a classic hip-hop sound in this new era of so-called "rappers". His profound lyrics are his testimony to all that he's experienced in his young life. His lyrical prowess classifies him to be the next big star, and his passion for music is heard in his songs as well as experienced by the listener. Hip-hop is what he loves and Drew will pursue his talent until the end.


Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers, "Soulful" - 



And peep the visual for "Soulful" as well: 







Why we like Ice Kidd: 


Once again, Montreal's Ice Kidd is one of the more impressive Heatseekers we've heard in a minute - it's nice to hear some R&B in the mix, and he clearly has a solid hold on the genre, with poignant vocals and generally emotive production. You'll be hearing more of him in the near future, we're sure. 


Artist Bio:  


Nigeria-born Prince Daniel Emmanuel Okon Apan Edulkson, AKA Ice Kid, kicked off his music career at the age of 10 as a rapper, recording his first song in his bedroom with a Dollar Store microphone. Three months later, Prince decided to start promoting himself as a rapper in his home city of Montreal, where he was told he could never make it in music, but still, Prince continued to record and publish remixes. In 2009, Prince then decided to get into R&B/Soul music fully, releasing 3 to 4 songs a week, both remixes and original. In 2011, he garnered international exposure with the release of his first official single "Dream Girl", which was nominated for International Act of the Year in his native Nigeria. His third single, "Beautiful Dreams", exploded throughout the web and received daily spins on MTV Africa, MTV Canada, Much Music TV and AmeTv. Having released four major singles worldwide in under a year, Ice Kid has solidified his status as a popular fixture on international and Canadian based entertainment blogs, and has been recognized as one of the brightest up-and-coming, multi-talented artists in the entertainment industry. 


Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers, "Come Closer" - 



 And check out his latest offering, "Put It Down" -



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