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Nile Ross



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Gotham Music Inc.



Why we like Nile Ross:

Nile Ross displays both a hunger for success and a clear dedication to the craft, and is definitely helping put Arizona on the map with his music, movement and message. Still very young, we're looking forward to what he'll come up with in years to come once he has more experience under his belt. Keep an eye on this one. 


Artist Bio:

Nile Ross is a 21-year-old hip-hop "artist, visionary and producer" based in Chandler, Arizona. Leader of the "Victory After Victory" crew, he brings a freshness to the scene with progressive lyrics, riveting effects and a magnifying presence both on stage and on screen. In two years, he's already dropped three mixtapes, six high-quality music videos and opened for Rick Ross, Talib Kweli, Slick Rick and Jean Grae. VictoryAfterVictory is not only his crew but his brand and website, all of which exemplify the messages he promotes in his music. Stay tuned for Nile's upcoming mixtape "Easier Said Than Done", which drops on October 17th


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Got Love"

Check out a video from Nile, "Dreams & Nightmares (Freestyle)"

Why we like Duccilo:

Duccilo can manipulate his flow in ways that give each 16 a distinct dynamic. The synthesized-brass production on "I'm The Man" gives him the space to go from double time to mantra-like delivery on the hook. His presence demands attention, which is a factor that can easily differentiate a good rapper from a great one.


Artist Bio:

20 year old up and coming rap artist from Washington, DC. I have been writing since the age of 6 but never got an opportunity to record in the studio until january 2013. Already dropped two mixtapes equaling 16 songs along with 7 freestyles and two music videos out on youtube with over 10,000 views.


Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "I'm The Man"

Check out another track from the collective, "Uptown Run Da Town"

Why we like Gotham Music Group:

Gotham Music Group are a talented collective lead by The Famous Hoff, the primary emcee in the group. Hoff possesses a lot of creativity, manipulating his vocals and providing a gruff but endearing delivery. His cousin V. Smith is also a very skilled vocalist, and together (along with their forward-thinking production) they are a force to be reckoned with.


Artist Bio:

Hamilton Ohio/ San Bernardino CA artist legends in the making, Gotham Music group was created by C.E.O The Famous Hoff. He started his journey as a MC at the age of 14. Coming from the streets of San Bernardino CA, he was heavily influenced by Dr.Dre's The Chronic album, and rappers such as 2Pac, The Ghetto boys, Spice 1, Snoop Dogg and the Dogg pound. When he moved to Ohio he started getting into east coast rappers and the art of lyricism, he was then Influence by Jay-z, Nas, Biggie, and Midwest Mc Eminem. Hoff is currently attending school for Software Engineering and working on music. Hoff has done mixtapes while he was signed to label out of Ohio called Blaque Vegax with the likes of Dj Ace, of South Top Dawgs (Dj for Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka) Dj Head Debiase of the Apphiliates, And the legendary Dj Ron C who has brought you timeless music from 2Pac, Biggie, Big L, And Big Pun, He left the label because he had a different vision, and started Gotham Music Group in 2009 with him being the only artist on the label. In 2013 he linked up with a talented R&B artist V.Smith who just so happened to be his cousin V.Smith's also a talented studio engineer . V.Smith became the second member of Gotham Music Group. The music partnership has brought on great music like Turning U Out, Boston George Money produced by Cooarri LL (producer of Uncle Murders Warning) and more to come, The Goal of Gotham Music Group is the bring timeless music to the table and land a distribution deal with a Major label, but if they can get just as big independently with no major backing so be it.


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Boston George Money"

Check out another track from the collective, "Turning U Out"

Why we like JAY-FIVE:

JAY-FIVE is clearly a student of the game, and definitely has a classic sense of hip-hop, something that's increasingly rare these days. His approach is authentic, versatile and extremely driven. Already a young veteran in his own right as well as a household name in Ohio, he's now poised to make his biggest impact yet. Don't sleep, and catch him on the new, heavily-rotating "Dope Boy Lean" remix with Peedy Wheat Straw and Rick Ross.


Artist Bio:

JAY-FIVE was born in Pittsburgh in the early eighties, during a time of tremendous economic struggle. A sudden loss of innocence at a young age caused him to evolve into a man early on. After a brief stay In New York City due to a family conflict, Jay and his siblings moved to Warren, Ohio to reside with his grandparents. It was in that small city that he realized life is a 24-hour brawl where the winner survives and the defeated moulder. Although the inconsistencies of his family life took a toll on him, Jay found a phenomenal coping mechanism in music, specifically that real hip-hop. Influenced by NAS, The Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Common, DJ Premier, KRS-One, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, and the The Wu-Tang Clan, he mastered a diction all his own from an early age, and on top of building a solid catalogue, has opened for Ciara, Gucci Mane, Juvenile, Rich Boy, Young Buck and more. He's also worked with a multitude of notable production teams, such as Kingzmen Productions, The Tune Raiders, Yessurr Productions and Zoo Boy Entertainment. Now, his goal is to restore life to the rap game and become one of the best hip-hop artists of Generation X.


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Black Clouds"

Also check out a video from JAY-FIVE, "Feel Me"


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