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2Yung Citizen

Yung Citizen



4One Above Below None

One Above Below None

Why we like Montie:

Montie could easily lean back on his hard and striking delivery, and still pump out memorable and intriguing material. Instead, the rapper does not hold back on the lyrical front, twisting his flow in interesting ways throughout his punishing tracks.


Artist Bio:

Montie. 21. Based out of Arizona. Victory After Victory. VAV


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Can't Relate"

Also check out a video from Montie, "Dark Knight"

Why we like Yung Citizen:

Yung Citizen has a positive and inspirational message behind his words. His music in able to be motivational without sounding preachy, mainly because he is such a talent behind the mic. Verses and hooks both come off effortlessly from the rapper, and his hazy synthesized production compliments them perfectly.


Artist Bio:

Who is Yung Citizen… Christopher Michael Williams, aka Yung Citizen (born February 23, 1988) is a young up and coming music producer, composer, singer and entrepreneur. Founder of the media company Citizenship Music Group, Citizen has provided music for a number of artists primarily in the Hip-Hop and R&B genres of music. The youngest of three, Yung Citizen was raised in a regular middle-class African-American family in Charlotte, NC. At an early age, Citizen was influenced musically by many R&B artists but the strongest was from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. His collections of Jackson’s concert videos are many. His parents also remember the countless number of mornings he would catch a quick glimpse of his favorite movie, “The Five Heart Beats” before heading off to school. After graduating from First Assembly High School in Concord High School, he headed to college to play football at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. It became very apparent football was taking its toll on his music interest, so after two years, he decided to leave the football field and focus on his music. While at Catawba, Citizen established an R&B vernaculars program and performance group known as Ur’bnSol. Citizen managed, rehearsed and directed their performances during his junior and senior years. He also took piano lessons to assist with his chord arrangements and compositions, and although not confessing to be a singer, took voice lessons to better demonstrate to other artists his interpretation of the songs. Music is his passion. During the summer of his junior year, Citizen wanted to improve his skill in music production so he found and secured a summer internship at JAMBOX Entertainment and Recording Studio in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The experience was invaluable and will remain with Citizen forever. Lee Evans, Cathy Palmisano and team took Yung Citizen under their wings and provided training on music production and the finer aspects of music and business marketing. While there Citizen also created a music track that was eventually released by an aspiring artist known as B3B3 (pronounced Bay-Bay) titled “Take Me Away”. During his junior and senior years, Citizen devoted countless hours per week creating and developing music in his dorm room and inside the campus recording studio. Students began to notice the music and raved about his talent. To further validate acceptance of the music, Citizen would perform on campus and at local establishments in Salisbury, North Carolina. Always being the consummate entrepreneur, he sent music to the well-known rapper Neako who used it for his song titled “Whippin, Whippin” which was featured on a recent mix-tape and subsequent video. His senior project consisted of a live performance of original music by Citizen and he was accompanied by another aspiring artist known as J-Real. The music performed is on the mix-tape titled Raybans and Regrets.


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Dreams"

Also check out a mixtape from Yung Citizen, "BROS."

Why we like Active Poet:

Activepoet is a fresh new voice emerging from the West Coast whose ambition will undoubtedly carry him far as he continues to evolve as an artist. With a flow comparable to fellow young emcee Logic, he distinguishes himself with well-composed and forward-thinking lyricism, a distinct passion for the craft and positive self-awareness. Keep an eye on this one. 


Artist Bio:

Active Poet (aka Dure Fresh) is a 20-year-old artist coming from San Jose, California now providing consciousness to the Bay Area. His influences include Common, Blackstar, Andre 300, John Legend, 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Currently a college student, he works at Whole Foods Market and is striving to be self-made. His goals include giving out one free project every year for the people, constantly pushing himself creatively and eventually touring the world through entertainment. Embodying a passion for hip-hop, he is driven to make this his lifestyle.


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Unpublished Poet (Everyday)"

Also check out a mixtape from Activepoet

Why we like One Above Below None:

The quartet that is One Above Below None are bringing a new grittiness out of the Northwest, and although they're still a young group, they show strong promise in the avenue they've chosen. We look forward to what they'll come up with as the bonds strengthen. 


Artist Bio:

A Northwest-based hip-hop group consisting of members Cash, Trajee, Mundy & Anthony. Together since 2011, they're still learning a lot about music and themselves.  

Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "10 (Survival)"

Check out their mixtape Infamous:


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