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Casino Chino

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Versatile Styles

3T (SnE)

T (SnE)



Casino Chino

Brooklyn born emcee with a Southern ignorant-inspired presence on the mic.  One listen to his track "Check" will give the listener a glimpse into the multi-realmed talents this BK spitta possesses.  Flexing between hard, punctuating rhymes on his hook, and his rapid fire two-time delivery. Blending a mixture of an infectious chorus along with his spitta style flow, it seems as if Casino Chino is flossing his talents just because he can. A true musician at heart, Casino has an ear for radio-friendly material, and skills to impress hip hop purists. 


Artist Bio:

Casino Chino was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 21, 1992 as Anthony Greenidge. He was singing melodically at the age of 2 and has a background in the performing arts. He started off performing at school events as a youngster and later he performed with his local rap group from his area during High School in Long Island, NY. He was always very confident, and it showed when he performed in front of an audience. 
His local rap group gained a following from their music videos to remixes of popular songs that were being played on the radio. They put them on You Tube, Twitter, and other social websites which gained a following. Eventually the group decided to mutually part ways and Casino Chino continued to pursue his dreams in music. He writes, raps, sings, produces, dances, and holds artistic talents in other areas. He is also gifted in drawing and has an amazing catalog of artwork. He continues to draw during his spare time as a hobby. Casino Chino says that music is a very important part of his life and he cannot let a day pass without dedicating some time to it.
Casino Chino’s musical influences are Al Green, Lenny Williams, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Etta James, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, and a host of others. Casino Chino’s goals are to become known as an all around musician not solely as a rapper or singer and to become an icon and a household name. 

Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Check"



Listen to an additional track from Casino Chino, "100 Bands"

Vesatile Styles

A delivery and cadence that rolls out his mouth a, as if unfurling from his gut, Versatile Styles is deliberate on the mic, but that doesn't mean this emcee can't spit hard.  The tune that landed VS here, "What They Mean," has a simple and easy-listening beat, but this artist is flowing both smooth and hard.  Son of a jazz musician, you needn't look hard to understand where his eclectic flow derives from.  Keep an eye out for VS, and other members of his VSTM Ent. crew, as with this talented artist at the helm, you can expect to find out "what they mean" very soon.


Artist Bio:

Ceo/Founder VSTM Ent. Indy Artist Son of Legendary Jazz/Blues player, V.S. began his musical quest from birth. Starting A Year ago via internet apps has since soldified himself as one of the most unique and innovative freestylers the underground scene has seen in years. Still considered an underdog and unkown V.S. formed the VSTM Ent and built it from the ground up. Versatile Styles The Movement is now one of the hottest collection of artist to be assembled since the No Limit Era. Hand picked by V.S. himself The Movement is Real and taking the underground scene by storm.


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "What They Mean"

Also check out another track from Versatile Styles, "Lyrical Surgery"

T (SnE)

T brings some confident flows to the table, demonstrating a knack for multisyllabic rhymes without looking showy. Though, whether he's creating smoked out anthems like "Potent" or Drake-esque banggers like "3 A.M.", T's secret weapon is his melodic ability. Very much still bearing the approach of a rapper, T's hooks and toned flourishes blend seemlessly with his rhymes, and bring an extra dimension to his songs that leave them both more impressive and more memorable.


Artist Bio:

Young T, known as “T”, was born and raised in sunny south side West Palm Beach, FL which is just a few miles north of the famous 305. Rising the ranks to claim king in the 561, the 23 year old Writer/Artist/Producer T stands out with his versatile delivery and rhythmic flows from uptempo bangers to laid back baby makers. At the young age of 12, T discovered his ability to uniquely express his emotions with rhythmic rhyme schemes consisting of punchlines and and plenty hot rhymes with songs that simply ooze with his creativity. With only 1 Mixtape under his belt released in 2010, he is back with a strong showing of maturity and a hunger to achieve the unexpected. Now each song is his own personal canvas for him to paint a master piece starting with the flow and the lyrics, to the recording and the edits. Currently working on his first album, T and SupaNOVA ent. plan to make a big splash in deep waters swarming with plenty other big fish making noise as the New School and the future of Hip-Hop. Stay tuned and subscribe, add and follow T to witness the rise to glory first hand!


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Potent"

Also check out another track from T, "3 A.M."


It's surprising to hear that Djallel hails from the Bay Area, as the style of rap he favors couldn't be farther from the music associated with that region. The rapper brings a hyper-lyrical, boom bap approach that recalls 90s New York hip hop more than anything, and he does it very convincingly. The golden age is a tough sound to replicate tastefully, but Djallel has honed his skills to the point that he does so with ease.


Artist Bio:

Djallel Zerrouki is a 20 year old Algerian-born artist who was raised in the Bay Area, California. He's a different kind of lyricist -- he writes from a unique perspective, a foreign culture, an unorthodox upbringing, and an inherently intellectual mind that would like to see hip-hop transform.


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Tutankhamun"

Also check out Djallel's mixtape, "Crescent Vol. 1"


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