HNHH: Heatseekers

1Dope Fantasy

Dope Fantasy

2Young Q

Young Q

3Jordan Solomon1

Jordan Solomon1

4DeWayne Jackson

DeWayne Jackson

Why We Like Dope Fantasy

Dope Fantasy hit you with some classic boom bap grooves. Their jazzy production recalls both A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde, and their diverse flows match the beat quite nicely. DF uses their group dynamic very well, with different voices and flows weaving in and out of the beat, giving the listener a lot of variety. The track that landed them here is “Real Hip Hop”, and the group definitely embodies a lot of what made the “golden age” great.

Artist Bio:

Dope fantasy a group with diverse styles consisting of Jay R , LP, Peace of Mind, Ross Augusta and Carerra Kool twiiter @jayrbestbyfar and @ShecallmeLs and @peaceovmind @RossAugusta

Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Real Hip Hop"

Also Check out Dope Fantasy's track, "Summer Madness"

Why We Like Young Q

Young Q's laid back flows recall a Kush & OJ era Wiz Khalifa, but then he can turn around and kick some slick double time rhythms when he wants to. The Michigan rapper also has an ear for hooks, complimenting his warm production with memorable melodies. Q has a playful approach to lyricism, delivering some witty punchlines, and gives his words a certain catchiness with his cadence. Q's impressively fun rhymes make a him a serious contender in the competition.

Artist Bio:

Bio: Young Q ( Age 17 ) is a aspiring artist out of Battle Creek, MI but got his start in the music scene after moving to Apex,Nc He has just recently released his first all original mixtape BAM( By All means) Released January 31st, 2013 stay in touch with Rapper Young Q via Twitter @ImYoungQ

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Hell's Angel"

Also Check out another Young Q track, "#PardonMySwag!"

Why We Like Jordan Solomon

Jordan Solomon goes hook-less on the aptly titled track, “Myself”, relying solely on his rhyme skills and the Clams Casino-channeling beat to carry the song, and the Toronto rapper certainly delivers. Sticking with the simplistic formula, Jordan sticks to one flow for the majority of the track, allowing his successive punchlines to hit a little harder. He definitely sounds young and hungry, which me means we can certainly expect big things from him, with his first mixtape dropping later this year.


Artist Bio:

Jordan Solomon is a young artist out of the Toronto area, he has started building a loyal fanbase on YouTube, releasing remixes, and originals along with music videos, he's now looking to expand his fan base and gear up for his debut mixtape dropping late spring, early summer.


Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Myself"


Also Check out Jordan Solomon's video for "Myself"

Why We Like Dewayne Jackson

Dewayne Jackson's voice stands out right away. His vocal delivery comes off simultaneously distinct and sincere. It serves to engage the listener from the first bar, and doesn't let up throughout his tracks. He also has an ear for more experimental production that lends a hazy, smoked out vibe to his tracks. He also can take his rhymes in a more narrative direction when he wants do, recalling stoned storyteller Devin The Dude. Overall, it makes Jackson a very interesting and singular rapper, who we can expect a lot from in the future.

Artist Bio:

“Something about just grabbing a pencil and putting to a paper i love it! It brings me joy, it lets me express my self just in a music format to where people can relate.” Just an inspiring artist who is trying to have his music heard around this world! Dewayne Jackson is young rap artist, born and raised in Houston,Texas. Home of screw music and filled with the dirty south and hardcore styles, DeWayne would bring something different to the table which still bears the creative sounds of “H-Town”. He's a motivated and ambitious artist that wont let anything stand in his way. He puts his all into his music and will never let you down as far as quality is concerned. Dewayne is a trendsetter who is ready to break the norm, not you average rapper. There is a bit of something for everyone in his music but still accomplishes his unique style. Don't underestimate him, he’s a hardworking artist whose willing to do whatever it takes. This is just the beginning of his journey! Dont be last to find out. “And this is just the start of it, I feel like if people will actually give me a chance and listen to the music, they wont regret it because I’m such a hard worker. This is what i wanna do so im putting my everything into it!!” -DeWayne Jackson P.S. Check out my new A.T.S. Mixtape and stay tuned for upcoming shows in your area!

Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Chill Vibe (Hands Up)"

Also Check out Dewayne Jackson's track, "Day To Day"


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