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Ben Fisher

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Paper Paulk

Why We Like Rocky & Apollo: 

Rocky & Apollo have an appeal that only a duo can deliver. Like Mobb Deep or Clipse, M.O & Bragg$ trade off rhymes and bring two distinct but complementary personalities to each track. This dynamic allows them to engage on every level without having to lean on big hooks or trendy production to impress. These guys are lyricists as well, and they aren't shy about showing it. Though they do make it look easy.

Artist Bio:

Born and Raised Brooklyn Ny rappers M.O & Bragg$ Muney Aka ROCKY & APOLLO joined forces in 2008, And since then have been trying to inject Hip Hop culture with their unique sound and flows, The duo strives to bring back lyricism while infusing today's ever changing trendy society. "Rocky & Apollo" though having different styles blend them together in such a natural way and flow effortlessly on any track. After finishing Top 16 in Hot 97's 2012 Who's Next Contest, The group then released "ROCKY & APOLLO 1st Round" which garnered positive feedback from some established music industry veterans, The Brooklyn Duo are grinding to gain exposure and by the sound of it shouldn't be too far away.

Listen to the track that landed them on Heatseekers- "Champain Life"

Also Check out Rocky & Apollo's mixtape, "1st Round"

Why We Like Ben Fisher: 

Ben Fisher's music has a very relaxed but fun-loving vibe to it. Fisher is certainly a capable lyricist, but he doesn't bash you over the head with a flurry of multi-syllabic rhymes, but rather settles for a comparatively low key but more rewarding delivery. He has a lot of charisma as well, and his warm, key-laden production makes him hard not to like. At only 18 years old, we can expect big things from this young rapper.

Artist Bio:

Ben Fisher is an 18 year old Hip Hop artist, currently residing in New Jersey. He has a growing social media buzz, especially on youtube where he frequently posts the visuals for his music. As an artist, Fisher smoothly marries his notable intellectualism with his recognizable flow and lively energy

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "I Can"

Also Check out Ben Fisher's visuals for "From The Soul"

Why We Like EX

The most impressive component of EX's music is his flow. The Detroit rapper has the ability to do some serious vocal gymnastics when it comes to switching up his delivery. He has an inventive way of accenting certain words and syllables that recalls Kendrick's unconventional flows. He also has a varied taste in production, ranging from traditional soul-sampling beats to more forward-thinking synth heavy tracks like “Nasty”. Overall EX is a very exciting artist who seems to have a good idea of who he is as well as an assured and interesting sound.

Artist Bio:

True Sounds Family// E.X E.X Listen to my first project TG 07 (The Genesis 2007) 20 tracks. if you listen you will love it. also check out the TG 07 website.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "American Gangster"

Also Check out EX's mixtape, "TG 07 (The Genesis 2007)"

Why We Like Peter Paulk: 

Paper Paulk has a very emotional delivery. The Cleveland rapper is able to express a lot through the tone of his voice, which can sometimes match the intensity of Meek Mill, and other times resemble the whispered wisdom of someone like Nas. It also helps that Paper can rap his ass off. His technical ability is impressive no doubt, but his words are also very memorable. Paulk seems to have an ear for production as well, which makes him the complete package when it comes to this competition, and force to be reckoned with.


Artist Bio:

Paper Paulk is an honest, outspoken, passionate young emcee straight out of Cleveland, Ohio. With musical influences like Hov, Nas and Big it is no wonder why he takes pride in lyrical quality and cherishes the art of rap. Paper is a poet for the youth. He said as a kid, if he could stop hustling to rap that he would and now Hip Hop has become one of his recent passions. He has always loved rap and poetry but it wasn’t until June of 2011 that he made the serious decision to drop out of school and BE an emcee. He hated school and he was tired of struggling and you can feel this in his music. When you hear his music, you can feel the passion, the emotion. You can hear his heart and soul in the words. You would think he had been an emcee his whole life. Paper believes that MC’s are coming back and he will be one of the leaders of the pack. In this new age of Hip Hop, with people jumping from one wave to the next; he is a refreshing emcee with a vintage sound, a street message laced with a soulful struggle. He is the influence that the rap game needs. He knows that he must be responsible for his words and actions. He’s bringing integrity back to the game. His first single, “Never Change” was featured on Dj Steph Floss’ “Hot In Cleveland” mixtape this past summer. With the work ethic and determination that he learned from his mother he will be dropping his debut tape “Street Dreaming” hosted by The Varsity Squad’s Dj Knyce and 8081’s Meel. His aggressiveness and his motivational lyrics will be greatly appreciated by the rap community. He wants his music to move you and Street Dreaming will most definitely please the ears and it will represent the city well. He was born to do this.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Hustle On"

Also Check out Paper Paulk's trailer for his upcoming LP "Who Is Paper Paulk"


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