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KinG Pen

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Good Gatsby

Why We Like Delasean: 

Effortless spitta, who seemingly glistens over a beat, but does not lull you to sleep as this rapper might have a smooth flow, but he goes in over beats.  Dude sounds as at home on a slow-riding track you smoke to, as he does on a thumping beat.  Hailing from Colorado seems to have been a positive and not a hindrance to his style, as he’s been able to craft his own sound that encompasses easy rhyming technique seen in artists from New Orleans, and the witty punchlines of an NY emcee.  This appearance on HeatSeekers is only one of the many big steps you can expect from him.    

Artist Bio:

Colorado probably isn't among the states in the union you'd list when thinking about Hip Hop influence. Denver's Delasean and his partner Russell Grande have set out to change that. 19 with the intentions to make a change by any means they are definitely looking to make a statement in hip hop.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Range Rover Rhythm" Feat. Russell Grande

You won't want to miss Delasean's Classic Ordeal mixtape.  Peep it below. 

Why We Like Gerson & Tristan: 

We don’t know much this duo except that they both possess skills that truly complement each other.   Not having been together for all that long, they have already merged together to create a unique sound that would sound dope lounging with a spliff as it would as background music when you’re alone with your girl.  Their ability to speak to the ladies and the fellas is what could be the key to this twosome’s success. 

Artist Bio:

Gerson & Tristan came together in the year of 2011 to form a Richmond Hill based hip hop duo with a powerful, abstract and versatile style. Since then, they have been crafting their sound while working towards the release of their first EP – Winter Speakers.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "The Bar (Prod. MutaBeatz)"

Why We Like KinG Pen: 

KinG Pen's track “Agression”, is aptly titled. The California rapper definitely has an aggressive delivery, and throughout his five minute track, he refuses to let up with his ferocious spitting. His emotional, almost out of breath style recalls Ghostface or Kendrick at their most exasperated. KinG is definitely a lyricist, and his rapid-fire flows are surely a breath of fresh air to hip hop traditionalists. His lines are riddled with punchlines and quotables that will have you rewinding the track constantly, making him a solid contender for the top spot.

Artist Bio:

KinG Pen is a recording artist/song writer from Del Amo, CA. He represents an independent company New Renascence™. He's performed with some of Hip Hop's biggest names including living legend Talib Kweli, multi-platinum selling artist The Game, and historic rap groups Slum Village and Cypress Hill.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Agression"

Also make sure to check out the visuals for track "Scholarspit"

Why We Like Good Gatsby: 

Good Gatsby does a good job of pairing interesting new-school production with the timeless soul of his singing voice. Recalling recent R&B experimentalists like Miguel and Frank Ocean, the Boston songwriter is able to use unconventional song structures without sacrificing melody or catchiness. He shows up in the top 4 because he's also a very capable emcee. In a rap climate where melody is becoming more and more prominent, Good Gatsby has got a pretty successful formula going, and it's no mystery he's made it this far.

Artist Bio:

Born Jeremy Jamal Gooden, Good Gatsby is a Boston-based singer and rapper. He is currently working on his debut solo project, "Man of the House" which is set to drop early this year.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "White Kids At The Beach"

Also check out his new cut "Bad Motherfucker"


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